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Hi, my name is Jean, and I would like to talk to you about my new, fledgling business “PICTURE FLAME LLC” and the first of its kind product that I am promoting. I am an inventor and I have created something special made for the candle lover. We are a family run business and are based in a small mid-western town in the United States. As a family, we all have decided to invest in getting this beautiful product out into the marketplace. There are a lot of creative ideas coming out into the candle world and this one is one of them. Please look over our website and discover what we have to offer you.

Introducing the “Picture Flame-Flameless Tea Light Candle Holder.” Its unique design has a strong suction cup implemented onto the end of it which makes this candle holder stand out from all the others. There is nothing else on the market anywhere like this new invention made for the consumer. You will only find these one-of-a-kind holders on this website. With the special design I have created, it allows our flameless tea light candle holders to be placed on the glass of your picture frames, but you can also place them on any smooth surfaces such as mirrors, tub surrounds and windows just to name a few. No other candle holder can do this. These dazzling flameless tea light candle holders are not manufactured but are all individually handcrafted. Each piece is given the utmost care and attention to even the even the smallest of detail. You may have to pay just a little bit more for our holders, but the Picture Flame is in a whole new league of its own and well worth the price. Order yours today and see for yourself just how beautiful they really are.

I thought of this idea a few years ago, but put it on the back burner, because I didn’t quite have it all figured out on how I would design it. I wanted the holder to look appealing, but yet simple to use. Then one day, I had a vision of how I could create this new idea along with some serious coaxing from my youngest son. With many trials and errors, I finally created the perfect design that addressed all the issues that I had ran into. I now feel confident that this pretty little thing called the “Picture Flame” will become a household name and those who purchase these precious gems will love them as much as we do.



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